Federico García Lorca

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June 5, 1898
Aug. 19, 1936

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Federico García Lorca (Fuente Vaqueros, Granada, 5 June 1898 - camino de Víznar a Alfacar, Granada, 18 August 1936) was a Spanish poet, playwright, and theatre director. He achieved international recognition as an emblematic member of the Generation of '27, a group consisting of mostly poets who introduced the tenets of European movements (such as symbolism, futurism, and surrealism) into Spanish literature. He was killed by Nationalist forces at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. His remains have never been found.

Lorca universe is defined by a palpable systematism: poetry, drama and prose feed on obsessions - love, desire, sterility - and constant stylistic keys. The variety of shapes and tones never threatens that unity whose central issue is frustration.

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