The Giver

179 pages

English language

Published Jan. 24, 2006 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers.

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3 stars (1 review)

Given his lifetime assignment at the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas becomes the receiver of memories shared by only one other in his community and discovers the terrible truth about the society in which he lives.

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Review of 'The Giver' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

I first read this book in high school, but I'm glad I picked it up again to read.

At the beginning, the author throws you straight in, which can make the reader feel like an outsider and not sure about anything.

The copy I had (e-book) had a number of missing spaces between words, and weird line spacing (where the line would finish, then the next word would be on the next line). Both of these happen multiple times which sometimes may for some frustrating reading.

There are a number of things that happen in the book that happen in real life,

"But the committee would never bother The Receiver with a question about bicycles; they would simply fret and argue about it themselves for years, until the citizens forgot that it had ever gone to them for study."

There are a couple of times where the author moves forward …