Lee Herrick: This Many Miles from Desire (Paperback, 2007, WordTech Communications) No rating

Beauty (My Plain Idea) by Lee Herrick

Is the dirt you shake from the root— not the part closest to heaven (the petal),

not even the aphids having their way. Beauty is forgetting how

the root hangs on but the dirt lets go.

Tonight, I dream about water: drowning in it, floating on it, the particles we cannot see:

all the body's water keeping us alive, the ghosts in every room.

Tonight, I weigh their echoes. I wonder if good fortune means a bird

who remembers you, a ghost in the room approving the lines you write, how your birth was a death

nearly delivered, how you recover and become a believer. The blooming flowers around

you have all the answers. Be quiet. You should

hear them aspiring under this very floor.

This Many Miles from Desire by  (Page 46)


I think often of the time I was perfectly happy.
And sat by the harbour reading a borrowed Cavafy.
You were with me of course and the night before we
Played bar billiards, green under lights, in the café
Postponing our first shared bedtime and every ball
That didn’t come back made us look at each other and down.

from "Perfection Isn’t Like A Perfect Story" by P. J. Kavanagh